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"Be what you are!
You're infinite, omniscient, omnipotent, right here and right now. Be that! Stop being this miserable, limited little ego."
—Lester Levenson

Helen M. Hamilton - Fowler Wainwright International Certified Professional Coach

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Square Peg Square Hole:
Keys to Find Your Niche in Life

By Helen M. Hamilton

418 pages

Searching for the niche where you belong in life? Yearning to manifest more love, enjoyment and happiness in your life? This wisdom treasure trove guides you through an uplifting lifetime journey of personal experience lessons. All designed to restore your self esteem, and lead you to right employment and fulfillment. Each true story drawn from Helen's long life invites and encourages your personal growth leading you to greater satisfaction in your life. A few of the different and unusual topics are:

  • Influences of ancestral inheritance.

  • Methods to identify and accept your personality type.

  • Steps to improve your relationships.

  • Permanent weight loss is possible.

  • Guides to right employment and effective goals.

  • Tarot pointers for spiritual progression.

Through moving very personal wisdom stories and helpful tips garnered through long experience, author Helen Hamilton sheds light on twelve key areas of life. Topics include an encyclopedia of experience and problem solving tips with emphasis on restoring self-esteem. In story after story, you’ll gain assistance from a mentor whose keys help solve your lifestyle problems. Embracing these tips for success can enhance your self-esteem, leading to a more fulfilled, enjoyable lifestyle.

Self improvement tips include:

  • understanding influences of inherited traits

  • discovering how you created your unique personality

  • improving your mind and body health

  • seeing the causes to solve weight loss challenges

  • creating more harmonious relationships

  • understanding instinct’s role in finding fulfilling employment

  • mastering goal setting

  • finding peaceful self acceptance just as you are

  • moving into higher vibration through help of a spiritual teacher

  • A glimpse into the future of mankind shows where mankind is heading.

    "Helen Hamilton is a power house of knowledge. Her true gift is writing and an awareness of life that can only come from living it. I would advise anyone seeking these answers and understanding to read her books."

    —Shellie Hunt Success is by Design

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