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Autumn Fire - painting copyright Helen M. HamiltonAutumn Fire

Winter Stream - painting copyright Helen M. HamiltonWinter Stream

Kicking Horse River - painting copyright Helen M. Hamilton
Kicking Horse River

Helen M. Hamilton

Helen M. Hamilton - Nana Wisewoman - AuthorMy life of exploration has led me to explore many areas. Each new discovery or topic of interest has captured my attention and led me through many pathways of growth and change. They all focused upon discovering the JOY in ENJOYing life. Many inspirations came that I shared with my friends. Gradually I came to understand that my passion is expression. My passion is expressing for the benefit of others. Sharing what I have learned over many years to help younger folk find joy in themselves too.

Topics I explored brought me to many aspects of communication in relationships, to finding self love and happiness in daily life, to improving my health, to learning to grow financial wealth, to finding success through self acceptance and to embracing deep levels of spirituality. The button above symbolically incorporated the aspects of my life.

From this base I will provide information that has assisted my growth. My missteps can help others avoid similar painful mistakes. Over time the topics will cover each of the areas in my symbol.


Helen M. Hamilton - Fowler Wainwright International Certified Professional CoachHelen is a senior living in Edmonton, Canada. She began her business life in a variety of sales, then as a Realtor specializing in new homes, followed by a stint as a kitchen designer. Finding that she loved management work and helping people she spent over twenty five years in condominium management, ten of those with her own successful management business. She contributed many articles on condominium management to the Calgary Herald newspaper and C.C.I. Insite magazine. When after ten years her Calgary management business was sold in 1995 she invested her proceeds in the first of eleven properties. Later selling one a year for tax reasons she began investing in other vehicles, many of high risk. She has been involved in many fields of investing and real estate.

Many years ago at a psychic fair Helen was asked to choose a higher arcana Tarot card to be the significator for her life. The card she selected was the death card, the symbol of a life of transformation. During her seventy two years of experience in this school room that we call life, she has continuously transformed herself in a multitude of ways. She loves growing older for with it comes wisdom gained through experience.

Along with her children, grandchildren and new great grandchildren her greatest loves are learning, sharing her wisdom and developing her spiritual awareness.

Several of Helen’s booklets are also available through with all proceeds going to the charity that runs an orphanage for AID’s victim children in Ghana.

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