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Collecting more from your money tree requires investing at higher rates of return.

"What a terrific book, wish it would have been available earlier for me to read. I made very many of the same mistakes. I am amazed at the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience Helen has gained over the years. This is a wonderful book and the content is unlike anything Iíve seen or read."
M. Shymko, Business Owner, Investor and Information Technology Manager.

"Helen Hamilton is a power house of knowledge. Her true gift is writing and an awareness of life that can only come from living it. I would advise anyone seeking these answers and understanding to read her books."
Shellie Hunt Success is by Design

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High Risk Investing is NOT for Amateurs
Due diligence tips to safeguard your investments

By Helen M. Hamilton

231 pages

Scrambling to provide for retirement? Seeking ways to earn better investment returns? Willing to learn from another's mistakes? Describing experiences in diverse areas of high risk investment, this guide provides due diligence steps to take to safeguard your capital. This invaluable aid helps you profit more safely from higher returns.

Topics covered:

  • Buying joint venture real estate
  • Do I really need training to invest?
  • Setting investment goals
  • Low, moderate and high risk investing
  • Financial statement basics
  • Evaluating investment condominiums
  • Do you really want to be a landlord?
  • Rooming house, duplex, and older apartment headaches
  • Motels and Rental Pools
  • How not to invest in the stock market
  • Say No to pyramids
  • Other opportunities

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About Helen

Helen M. Hamilton - Featured in Exempt Edge Magazine

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Helen began her business life in sales, then as a Realtor specializing in new homes, followed by a stint as a kitchen designer. Finding that she loved management work and helping people, she became a property manager. With her husband she bought and administered several rental properties, selling them to buy a motel and then an apartment building, all eventually sold to support her husbandís business. Leaving her 30 year marriage, Helen started afresh without capital.

Making her decision on a coin toss, without any funding, Helen and a partner launched what became a very successful condominium management business in Calgary. Through relieving another company of unwanted management files, and persuading them to provide office space and a small income for several months, Harlen Management Ltd. was born. During the next ten years, growing the business to fourteen employees, while administering seventy condominium projects, the company became a leader in the Calgary condominium industry. Helen authored many articles for the CCI Insite magazine, the Condo Q &A column in the Calgary Herald, and was a writer for the Alberta CCI condominium training courses 101, 201, and 301.

Helen began investing in rental real estate in Calgary. Then using leverage after moving to Edmonton, Helen accumulated 11 properties, including a rooming house. Using revenue from property sales, Helen tried many areas of investment to develop passive income streams. Learning through investment losses what she could have done better, she shares her wisdom in High Risk Investing is Not for Amateurs, Due Diligence Tips to Safeguard Your Investments.

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