Books as Teachers


The problem with the addiction of bookaholism is that it can be expensive. Eventually I became inundated with many unread books. It has been very enjoyable and fulfilling for me however. I have gained such a wealth of understanding about myself and how I fit into this world of ours through the wisdom gained from books. Bless those many authors. I used to berate myself at times when I didn’t complete reading a whole book. I would begin reading but being a somewhat slow reader, before I could finish some books the energy would drop and so would my interest. I would stop reading, set that book aside and pick up another one. If the energy window was past, seldom would I pick up a partially read book again. Now I give myself permission to be okay with my partial reading. Even in enjoying just a few lines or a paragraph I have gained immeasurably. Following are samples of some of my “ah ha” discoveries that occurred through reading.

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