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Helen M. Hamilton, Author

"Helen Hamilton is a power house of knowledge. Her true gift is writing and an awareness of life that can only come from living it. I would advise anyone seeking these answers and understanding to read her books."

—Shellie Hunt Success is by Design

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With the passing of years, some people just get older. Others gain wisdom.

Helen Hamilton, known as Nana Wisewoman, has lived over 70 years of a rich life filled with challenges as well as triumphs. Through it all she has kept her eyes open and sought the valuable learning in each experience. As a result, she has garnered a wealth of resources for living and figured out how to apply them in order to joyfully make the most out the time we’re given on this earth.

Information vs Wisdom

When Helen shares what she has learned an interesting thing often happens: People find that they can use her life lessons in their own situations. That is the difference between information, which entertains the mind, and wisdom, which actually can activate a change in behavior for the better. The general response to information is, “That’s interesting.” To Helen’s wisdom we respond, “Aha!”

Putting Helen’s Wisdom to Work for You

You can gain valuable insights from Helen for improving your life, your relationships, your health, your finances, and more. You will find keys offered freely in this website and in Helen’s blogs. You can also receive valuable advice from her booklets, available for purchase through this website. And you can gain counsel on specific situations in your life by emailing Helen directly. The details for doing that are inside.

Where Are Our Elders When We Need Them?

Traditionally we learned from our elders; our parents, our grandparents, our aunts and uncles. However, as modern life has scattered families, the wisdom we might have gained from our elders is far less readily available to us. Until now. Helen Hamilton, Nana Wisewoman, shares the elder’s wisdom openly, warmly, and with loving compassion.

Podcasts with Helen:

» Gene Nichols KWXY & KPSI radio, October 2011 (6.2MB mp3 audio)
» 800 CHAB Square Peg Square Hole interview, September 2011 (28.9MB mp3 audio)

» CTV Edmonton Interview, October 7, 2011

» Full Time Messenger Conference Interview 2011


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